Information About the Australian Glass & Glazing Industry

Australian Glass Standards


Glass standards in Australia are designed to establish specifications and procedures to ensure that glass products are safe, reliable and consistently perform as intended. Australian glazing standards provide strict guidelines about the type of glass that can be used in … Continue reading

Australian Glass and Glazing Association


The Australian Glass and Glazing Association will host its National Conference in September 2013 that will focus on the current issues facing the glass and glazing industry in Australia. But while the AGGA National Conference is the main reason people … Continue reading

Double Glazed Windows in Australia


Double-glazed windows in Australia – are they worthwhile? It’s a fair guess that many Australians living in temperate cities such as Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and even Perth associate double-glazed windows with cold climates – not surprising given that double-glazed windows … Continue reading

Major Glass Suppliers of Australia


Major glass suppliers of Australia watch new glass products with interest. What if Australian glass supplies could use Australia’s abundant sunlight to generate electricity for buildings and cars? Well one glass supplier in Australia has risen to the challenge and … Continue reading

Glass Information Magazines and Publications in Australia


Australia is well catered for in terms of glass information magazines and publications for both the trade and general public. Glass information for the trade The major trade glass magazine in Australia is published by the Australian Glass and Glazing … Continue reading

Flat Glass Industry in Australia

Flat Glass

Australia’s flat glass industry is dominated by glass products designed for use in the commercial and residential construction industry. The construction industry accounts for over half of flat glass production in Australia, followed by the automotive sector, and the specialty … Continue reading

Glass Industry Prices in Australia

Cheap Imports

The fallout from CSR’s decision to close its Viridian glass-making factories in Western Australia earlier this year as part of its restructuring continues, as Australia’s glass industry grapples with uncompetitive glass prices and fierce overseas competition. Glass prices in Australia … Continue reading

Double Glazing and Glass in Australia


Double Glazing and Glass in Australia Benefits Homeowners. Australian double-glazed windows are increasingly appreciated for their contribution to energy efficiency, but many consumers are unaware of the many other benefits double glazing brings. The quality of Australian double glazing has … Continue reading

Major Glass Manufacturers of Australia

AGGA National Conference

Major glass manufacturers of Australia convene for National Conference. Australian glass manufacturers will convene on the Sunshine Coast this September for the 2013 Australian Glass and Glazing Association’s National Conference. Featuring talks and training from glass manufacturers across Australia, the … Continue reading

Glass Manufacturers in Brisbane


Glass manufacturers in Brisbane look forward to apartment boom. Glass suppliers in Brisbane are positioning themselves for growing demand as record numbers of apartments are constructed in the city over the next few years. Glass manufacturers in Brisbane have been … Continue reading

Glass Companies in Australia


Over the past few years glass companies have faced a sustained structural shift in the industry which has seen Australian glass company business models look increasingly uncompetitive. The persistently strong Australian dollar has made domestic production uncompetitive compared to cheap … Continue reading

Toughened and Safety Glass Prices in Australia

Toughened Glass

The prices of toughened glass and safety glass in Australia continue to fall as part of a long-term trend that has seen domestic manufacturers fighting for survival. Competition from Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and increasingly China is driving down toughened glass … Continue reading